Putting the Neon in Neonationalism


I ended my last post imagining a Politics as to the Alt-Right as New Wave was to Punk, a politics with a returned emphasis on beauty and creativity to follow a destructive, Dionysian splurge; a politics of renaissance and renewal. This I referred to as the hard-work of recreating, or replacing, the institutions eroded by liberalism.

In broad strokes, what is my vision for this reconstruction?


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Beyond Liberalism: A Political New Wave.

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All hegemonic systems of value have an expiration date, and that of liberal universalism is fast approaching.

For decades the liberal crusade for equality went about deconstructing every institution with which the average person could orient their Identity, calling into question the unstated premises at the heart of these institutions, and highlighting their “myth” character, as well as the inequality masked or “naturalized” by those premises– preferring a “nurture over nature” explanation of every hierarchy existing within society.  Its late and final stage–  cultural-Marxist, millennial, “SJW”, Identity politics– brings the universalist doctrine into a totalitarianism by extending its egalitarian logic to the fullest extreme, suggesting every inequality is the result of a “social  construct”, and vowing to “deconstruct” such inequality wherever it can possibly find it. In doing so it has brought to the West a pandemic crisis of gender, sexual, racial, and national identity, responses to which we should only expect to grow more volatile and polarized.
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This is a blog about politics, sexuality, aesthetics, and how they are connected.

It is as personal a blog as it is political– as much a reflection on my identity and its contradictions as a reflection on the state of the West, and its contradictions.

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